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Designer Homes

Every home we design has a story of its own. A story that belongs to you. We help you imagine your home and bring it alive with your stories because a home that is inspired by you, keeps inspiring you everyday.

It's your home, your story and we would love to co-author it!

A home Imagined by you, for 'her'

There is a home in 'her' imagination that we would love to create. A home that reflects 'her' in every corner. The kitchen that dishes out everyone's favorite, the entryway that puts a broad welcoming smile on her face, storage as big as her heart or the cozy nook for her to escape into the pages of a book. A home tailored for 'her' just the way you have imagined!

A home to perfect your work-life balance

Homes that have been imagined to welcome you back after a stressful day at work. Homes imagined to rejuvenate you for the next day. Homes imagined for the weekdays as much as for the weekends. Homes not just for today, but for tomorrow that are comfortable, easy to maintain and lets you spend quality time with your loved ones. Designer homes by MyGubbi are thoughtfully imagined by you and crafted by us!

A home for the future

A space that is filled with oodles of colours and peals of laughter where the walls of the home are brought alive with the stories they tell. A place to fuel their passions and aspirations. A place that you imagined for the children of the house. customized exclusively for you by MyGubbi.